Uh, I'm Luigi. You probably know me as the younger brother of the famous Mario! ...Or not, I tend to get forgotten a lot... But, feel free to ask me stuff! As long as you're not mean, anyway...

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The Younger Brother

- His birthday is July 14th (His age can be whatever you choose, but canonically he’s 29 almost 30 at the time of this post)

- Staying behind and looking after the house most of the time has led him to become a bit of a neat freak.

- Actually scared of heights, hence his squeals and screams when using jumps and things when participating in Mario Kart. 

- He can still use Thunderhand, as well as his other abilities from the games (Special shots, Mega strikes, etc etc…)

- Quite fond of cake and other sweet things.

- He’s always shocked and confused when people want to talk to him when Mario isn’t available.

- Self confidence issues to the max, he doesn’t really believe in himself, yet he adventures because people rely on him and Mario to do good for the world. He’s prone to slumping into phases of self-loathing every now and then.

- Still has all his plumbing tools from when he lived in Brooklyn. He can also still do plumbing, but is of course not as good as Mario. Still pretty skilled at it, though.

- Incredibly innocent. Will sometimes say things without realising that they could be taken in the wrong way. He’s never consumed alcohol, taken drugs or had sex, and he probably never will.

- He’ll attempt to be threatening when confronted, but his attempt will almost always fall flat. Most people will either think it’s pathetic or adorable.

((More will appear as I post them c:))

22 February 2013 at 10:02pm